The problem with pro-nouns…

The problem with MTF (Male to Female) trans getting all worked up over pro-nouns is almost funny. For a group, that identify so strongly as women, you might think they would be a bit more on board with a submissive approach to how others perceive them, and most especially the names others call them.

Real women know that we have no control over the words others use to describe us.

If we are outspoken and confident, they call us aggressive. When we take a more passive stance, they call us non-starters.

If we are good looking and know it, they call us arrogant. If we are more modest, they call us mousy.

If we initiate sexual relations they call us whores, if we act more demure they call us frigid.

If we dress down they call us butch, when we dress up they call us whores.

When we talk about our feelings, they call us neurotic. When we don’t, they call us repressed.

When they rape us and we tell on them, they call us lairs and whores.

When they rape our children, they call us crazy liars.

When they beat us, they call us careless liars.

When the kill us, they can call us anything they want, ‘coz we are no longer alive, and cannot argue.

See, it’s not simply their penis that alerts us they are male. It is their relentless sense of entitlement. It’s almost as if, they have spent their whole lifes, being defined as the Subject.





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